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How’s it going everybody? This is Randy and I would just like to thank you for stopping by today. The purpose of this website is just to have some fun with

horsepower seo tacticsSEO provide some great content for beginners up to intermediate SEO artists, and we would like to just have fun writing about SEO.

Search engine optimization is very important for any business owner or blogger on the Internet. Optimizing products to sell for e-commerce websites is very important. Putting information in front of customers exactly what you tell Google or any other search engine is key  to the successful sale. We will be doing just that. SEO artists tell search engines exactly what the product is. It’s the old who? what? when? and where? scenario.

There are plenty of aspects concerning search engine optimization, but mine pertains to opinion. But the facts are Google, for instance, asks for 250 different criteria to rank websites.

If you are a business owner and you are working on your business.  You do not have time to learn 250 different criteria to show Google what your business is about. We want to make it easier through video tutorials and have a conversation about search engine optimization with people around the world doing just that.

We will supply different categories pertaining to on page SEO, off page SEO, optimizing images. Whether you are local business or trying to rank nationally, we want to provide some good tips in key areas
that will help the average person be successful online.

Thanks again for stopping by. Please contact us with any comments or advice you can give us.

Thank you


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