Make Google Search Work For You….

Search Engine Optimization

Understanding Google and how they index your website with your websites new content.

Used to be that Google would index your site within a month, but those of the old days of Google, nowadays Google can index your website every night. In fact Google indexes a large portion of the whole Internet overnight and each night.

Back in the day the Google dance used to be an ongoing event very noticeable on a day-to-day basis. Now the Google dance is slight and more manageable for website owners.

Google search is important for business owners and website developers because we often need to put on a page keywords or key phrases that we want to Google to take notice.

Google manages page rank by using back links and referring domains that are pointing to your website giving you authority on Google search engine algorithm. So the name of the game is how many domains are pointing to you through anchor text and more important. What is the anchor text pointing to your website from other domains?

Make sure your anchor text that is pointing to your domain is the keyword text that you want Google to rank you for.

For instance, if I was looking for show low AZ solar panels and a website had an anchor text listed as show low solar panels and Google would pick up those words and you can them in the search results.

Google is very efficient in knowing exactly what you’re website is all about because we as web developers tell Google exactly what we want to rank for.


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