How to check your website on page search engine optimization

On page SEOCheck your on page SEO for search engine optimization


Check this video out, checking your on page SEO important. Letting Google now for other search engines find out about your website you need to follow directions on how to make your website readable by search engines.

Checking for the proper title of your website making sure that all the tabs are readable and have proper titles.

Making sure that you have on your website now duplicate content, original authoritative content deals with keywords that you want to Google to rank for.

Setting your metadata your H tags are all important for on page search engine optimization.

Something else that developers for websites don’t follow through with is setting tags products and illustrations and diagrams when Google reader picture just that it reads only the picture if you tell Google what the picture is it’s much better don’t you think?

Setting meta-keywords nowadays it’s not so important because so many website developers Took advantage of loading up meta-keywords for their websites. Google is only concerned about the main content, The main keywords in the metadata, the main keywords of your website so don’t overdo it tell Google exactly what you want them to see and they will rank you accordingly.

There are many ways to tell Google what you want but just keep it simple sound exactly in a few keywords what you expect to get free traffic from.

That is the thing about search engine optimization it is the cheapest way to get free traffic from the Internet just ask friend who owns a solar store in town….. With just the right amount of keywords he gets free traffic and phone calls from his beautiful website online!

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